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Transitioning to Juniper SASE? It’s Easier Than Saying "Abracadabra.”

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Screenshot from the video showing the host, Paul Notzold Director, Juniper Networks, holding a magic wand over a black top hat. The text says, “It’s not magic. It’s Juniper SASE.”

Easiest SASE transition, ever

Transitioning to SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)? Easier said than done. Especially if your current architecture isn't up to the task. But what if there was some magical solution that could support your transition, regardless of infrastructure, wherever you're at in your security journey

See how Juniper Security Director Cloud with Juniper Secure Edge can help you achieve SASE with your current investments and provide unbroken visibility across all architectures, users, and devices.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper’s AI-optimized experience ensures the network is up and working well

  • How Juniper’s SASE architecture secures users and devices connected and protected wherever they are by delivering zero-trust access to any application from anywhere while optimizing connections

Who is this for?

Security Professionals Network Professionals Business Leaders


Paul Notzold Headshot
Paul Notzold
Director, Juniper Networks


0:00 Wanna see a magic trick?

0:01 I can transform security architecture to SASE in less than ten seconds.

0:07 Abracadabra.

0:11 Who am I kidding? This isn't magic, this already exists.

0:15 Stay tuned.

0:21 Hi. I'm Paul.

0:23 Welcome to the Juniper Garage. In this world of hybrid work

0:27 and clouds on clouds on clouds, multiple UIs

0:31 with different policies are no longer sustainable.

0:34 With Juniper's Security Director Cloud,

0:37 you get one UI to manage all your security from data center to the cloud.

0:43 That's unbroken visibility across all your architectures,

0:47 all your users and devices, wherever they may be.

0:50 By delivering the security in the cloud, you you kind of reached

0:53 that point of intersection where everyone's crossing through

0:56 and you're able to clean the traffic

0:58 and provide a secure connection regardless of whether they're

1:02 in an airplane or in their in their bedroom.

1:06 Working with Juniper Secure Edge, managed by Security Director Cloud,

1:10 you can control access and ensure traffic is legitimate and protected

1:15 with a 99.9% efficacy.

1:18 With our SASE,

1:20 you can build on top of what you've already done

1:22 and then extend it to what you're going to do in the future.

1:25 In three easy clicks, you can adopt SASE with a simple intuitive wizard.

1:30 And choose the security policies you want delivered from the cloud.

1:34 Juniper is the only vendor that enables you to do this.

1:38 You can ensure consistent access and threat protection

1:41 follows your users wherever they go.

1:44 From the office to the home,

1:46 to the beach.

1:48 Security Director Cloud allows you to achieve SASE with simplicity.

1:53 Secure Edge gives you industry best security without slowing your network down.

1:57 We can protect your edge wherever it may be,

2:01 across whatever architecture you may have. Right?

2:03 If you’re got deployed

2:06 kind of a traditional campus and branch NGFW,

2:08 cool, we've got you.

2:10 If you’re on your SASE journey, whether you're just starting and you're

2:14 kind of halfway through or you're like, no, I wanna be at the promised land.

2:19 We've got you.

2:21 Like Kate said, we've got you

2:23 today and for what you're planning to do tomorrow.

2:27 Wanna learn more about managing

2:28 architectures under one platform?

2:30 Sign up for our on demand webinar,

2:32 and we'll show you how to turn today's network into tomorrow's.

2:36 Trust me.

2:37 But verify first. Thanks for coming by the Juniper Garage.

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