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HokuApps Deployed A Peer-To-Peer Engagement Solution For Ramada and Days Hotels by Wyndham

HokuApps digitalizes the HR communication and recognition platform where management can engage the workforce efficiently while keeping them fully motivated.

Singapore, 20 November 2020 

HokuApps has successfully built and deployed an innovative human resources engagement platform for energizing the “Count on Me!” culture of the Ramada and Days Hotels in Singapore. The app “RD Connect” enhances the management-employee relationship by enabling instant recognition of good work and encourage employees to display Count on Me! core values which are being respectful, responsive, and delivering a great experience.

Along with this, the app also functions as an employee bulletin board for important announcements or to organize employee engagement activities such as competitions, events, and awards. The app provides management with actionable and detailed employee reports. Even though the app was not planned for the Covid-19 pandemic, the hotels are able to remotely engage and recognize their employees through the app, embracing safe management and contactless process.

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