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Enterprise Mobility

The implementation of enterprise mobility solutions guarantee several benefits for corporations. It is the most innovative technology for modern enterprises today.

What is Enterprise Mobility?

With the exponential rise in Mobile Devices users in last 10 years, smartphone apps increased tremendously. It enabled users to work more efficiently as they allowed easier, swifter and more organised operability. This led to the birth of the Enterprise Mobility and suddenly there was huge requirement to manage these mobile devices and users. Enterprise mobility enables companies to become more efficient on technology aspects, reach new customers, creating novel customer service experiences and promoting active employee engagement and collaboration. Enterprise mobility solutions can also help to reduce operational costs as employees often tend to use their own mobile devices for work. This translates to lower expenses on maintaining an extensive asset ownership model.
Enterprise Mobility Platform
Additionally, these solutions refer to a work approach which helps employees to perform necessary work functions from any location by using a variety of devices and applications. The scope includes the use of smartphones, tablets,laptops and other mobile devices to accomplish business purposes, and the mobility of corporate data and employees themselves as well. For instance, an employee can transfer requisite data from a personal computer to a cloud storage facility, and when needed, can access it for a client from a personal tablet or iPad. This enables IT departments to diversify their workforce by empowering it to access necessary data and feed input from multiple geographical locations and devices. The increased flexibility and choices offered by enterprise mobility services to employees lead to higher productivity and work satisfaction.

The Need for Enterprise Mobility

Ease of access, flexible operability & independence from rigid policies gave birth to the BYOD (bring your own device) trend. The mobile devices are becoming the device of choice to access the internet, business apps and personal information. Employees often finished work on their personal devices and networks without the employer’s permission. Obvious security concerns emerged. Consequently, IT departments began to adopt BYOD policies to ensure a secure system. These IT policies also encouraged the use of enterprise mobility applications, encouraging flexible work models.
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However, the deluge of apps and devices is a nightmare for IT staff to maintain and manage. Enterprise mobility services and solutions cover various devices, policies, and networking systems that facilitate a system conducive to mobile enterprise platform. With a standard platform, This mobility enterprise is easier to manage in terms of technical support and app interoperability. No matter the level of workflow complexity or reliance on line of business (LOB) apps, creating an enterprise mobility app is your best choice. Enterprise mobility is integral to your digital transformation journey. This Solution is an additional investment in technology and a strategic asset that aligns with your business functions, values and policies.
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Enterprise Mobility Services

Enterprise mobility services must include more than mere technical expertise to guarantee maximum business value and ROI from its implementation. Success with enterprise solutions is determined by factors like value management, strategic planning, business visions, industry-specific program management, business process re-engineering, ongoing operational support and integration of enterprise apps into a company’s overall IT portfolio. With precise enterprise mobility solutions, organisation must be able to move swiftly from strategic visioning to the other phases of seamlessly.
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Before implementation enterprise mobility services must start with consulting and evaluating options that explore and discover opportunities for expanding mobility in a enterprise. It must have enough prior real-world experience with a variety of enterprise mobility management solutions to determine what would benefit the objectives of a particular business function. It must connect and integrate smoothly to key business goals. Processes that can be augmented with enterprise mobility must be identified. The ROI of process improvements must be quantified, organizational impact and support requirements must be assessed, and a business mobility strategy must be mapped out. HokuApps Enterprise mobility solutions clearly define business process improvements and decide on business and technical necessities. Post these evaluation comprehensive plan for implementation based on business process engineering and management is offered. Then these solutions are delivered through phase wise implementation with stringent time lines. We help with configuring and managing devices and offer multiple mobile application hosting options. Naturally, help desk services and end-user training requirements are a part of the package. In addition, post-deployment services are also offered as they are crucial for sustaining a successful framework. A business must choose from a selection of these kind services that cover all aspects of the enterprise mobility solution, from requirements specification, scope of work to deployment.

Why Enterprise Mobility Technology is Less Time Consuming

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A major advantage of this technology is effective time management. Since employees can use enterprise mobility services to perform necessary functions from remote locations, they can save time spent on long commutes to office sites. Client relations can also be improved due to easier access to requisite data. Clients would no longer have to make long journeys, incessant follow-ups to office sites to receive the full value of data gathering and analysis. By using suitable mobility enterprise services, companies can use desktop virtualization. In effect, corporate data, applications, and operating systems are no longer tied to specific pieces of hardware. By shifting to enterprise mobile services platforms, time spent on acquiring devices for temporary workers and third-party contractors can be eliminated. Instead, enterprise mobility powers a more feasible option: controlled and secure access to corporate resources. An Mobile Enterprise services platform saves time by assigning access rights and profiles depending on a user’s unique role in the business environment.
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What Enterprise Mobility Apps Bring to the Table

Enterprise mobility services offer multiple advantages:
Enterprise Mobility for Business
Improved productivity: Enterprise mobility applications are extremely conducive to employee productivity. Offering access to key office apps on personal devices enable them to accomplish crucial business requirements at a moment’s notice. For instance, an employee stuck in traffic can answer time-sensitive emails without delay. IT personnel doing an audit can enter related data into the system on site, instead of separate entry later via a specific desktop. This also encourages digital communication and capabilities, leading to more effective interaction and collaboration.
Enterprise Mobility for Business
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Improved customer experience: Enterprise mobility offers access to necessary data at any point. Enterprise mobility solutions also allow users to share a device screen with a customer or colleague with ease. This obviously enhances the customer experience as well as knowledge sharing and learning opportunities. This also promotes data accuracy and process improvement by providing chat, social media, and video tools to complement traditional email. Communication and collaboration at the group level lead to increased real-time recording and utilization of business intelligence. All this contributes to the widely improved customer experience.
Advantage of enterprise mobility
Process efficiency and cost reduction: Enterprise mobility’s ability to function on employees’ personal devices saves time on training needed to master the mechanics of any multi-function, company-bought device. Sales or field teams can also use interactive apps via enterprise mobility solutions. They can also record and enter location-specific data, which leads to process improvement and increased efficiency.
Advantage of enterprise mobility
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Decreased paperwork: Shifting information flow to digital channels, and making them more accessible cuts down on paperwork. Costs for paper, ink, and other supplies are also reduced. Chances of information loss are decreased, which leads to a more systematic workflow.

How Enterprise Mobility Services Work

Enterprise mobility services can operate in many ways:
Enterprise mobility software platform
Device-centric approach: The enterprise mobility services enable easy management of individual employee’s devices, following an MDM( Mobile Device Management) methodology which controls data access and operations at the device level.
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SDK containerization: The enterprise mobility solution uses an SDK (software development kit) or library which is integrated with the mobile application. MAM and BYOD approach to enterprise mobility uses this to control and enforce security at data and app level. In this case, multiple applications can run on a single container environment by creating a virtual data partition between enterprise and personal apps on employee devices.
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Remote streaming: Enterprise mobility services using this approach to create a virtually separate space on devices in which corporate apps are isolated from the device’s own settings and configurations. It also isolates enterprise apps from interacting with any other applications. By hosting servers in the datacenter, apps are delivered to user devices through application streaming.
Enterprise Mobility Management
Network-based: Network-based enterprise mobility solutions gather real-time information from users, devices, and networks. By doing so, it constructs a security framework encompassing desktops, wireless devices, and peripheral devices. It detects breaches and malfunctions at the network level.
Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Software Solutions

Enterprise mobility software Solutions have proven to be of great value to employer and employee alike. Deploying mobile enterprise management software results into a barrage of merits that benefit all parties involved in a business process. Once the security concerns have been addressed by appropriate measures, it provides long-term advantages. Productivity, process improvement, cost efficiency, employee satisfaction, and a boost in quality of performance are only a few aspects of business values provided by enterprise mobility.