5 Day Pouch Reset Bundle


Inside the bundle you get:

  • 2 boxes of protein soup (14 servings)
  • 12 individual bottle protein drinks (12 servings)
  • 1 box of protein bars (7 servings)

Plus the downloadable PDF Plan below

*Occasional substitutions may occur if items are unavailable. The most comparable items will be used, so the impact won’t be huge!

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What is the 5-Day Pouch Reset Plan?

The 5-Day Pouch Reset plan is a short-term high-protein diet to help jumpstart weight loss and reset your hunger point. Unlike our 2-Week Pouch Reset Plan, the 5-Day plan is shorter and doesn’t include whole foods.

The 5-Day Pouch Reset plan utilizes only supplements.

While we do not recommend relying on supplements 100% of the time for your normal diet, short bouts of liquid and supplement diets can be very safe and effective.

By using only supplements for this short period of time there’s no guesswork, weighing, measuring or ANYTHING like that to get in your way. Once you’ve “reset” your hunger point, you’ll be ready to move your diet to whole foods and use protein supplements to help you hit your daily protein goal.

What you get with the 5-Day Pouch Reset:


Your 5-day Pouch Reset Plan

To make your 5-day pouch reset easier on you we created the perfect bundle to help you get started and have success immediately. Below you’ll find the entire 5-day plan, but you can also download a copy you can save by clicking the button below.

5-Day Pouch Reset Plan

Download the 5-Day Pouch Reset Plan

5-Day Pouch Reset Instructions:

Days 1 – 2: Liquid Supplements

The first two days utilize liquid protein supplements only. This means protein soups and shakes.

You’ll eat/drink 6 Bari Life supplements per day and that’s it. We recommend that you use the soups as your traditional meal-time meals and the sweet shakes as your in-between meal “snacks”

6 Bari Life supplements per day will give you 90g of protein per day – plenty to keep you full and nourished during the liquid phase.

Days 3 – 5: Liquid + Solid Supplements

The final 3 days allows you to work in solid protein supplements which will help you feel fuller longer.

It is also a nice transition into solid foods again while still getting 90g protein and keeping the calorie count low.
If you’re ready to jumpstart weight loss try this short 5-Day Pouch Reset Plan

*Occasional substitutions may occur if items are unavailable. The most comparable items will be used, so the impact won’t be huge!

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