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Automate Parent & Student Management

Monitor different activities constantly through the mobile app. Collate data into a unified platform for real-time updates and insights.

Deliver Cutting-edge Service to Student & Parent Communities

Modern educational institutions need seamless connectivity, 24/7. With parents, teachers, staff members, and students asking for reliable services across fields and verticals, admin stakeholders must consider digital transformation. HokuApps solutions for parents & student management combines consumer-grade experiences with compliant and regularized service delivery.

Help students and parents communicate better with HokuApps digital platform.

Foster a culture of transparency and proactive responsibility by creating a stable & feature-rich edtech environment.
Assignment Submissions
Let students submit documents, images, and other file formats across devices, improving flexibility.
Attendance Management
Maintain detailed records and avoid discrepancies across staff and student attendance databases.
Bus Tracking
Keep your students and employees safe, tracking transport movements via integrated GPS navigational tools.
Timetable Monitoring
Immediately alert parents and guardians of changes in selected timetables, ensuring students never miss a session.
Examination & Results Monitoring
Share scores easily and securely across different channels and leverage analytics to map key trends.
E-Learning Management
Offer interactive and multi-media courses to engage young learners and build lasting impressions.
Real-Time Updates
Embed dynamic alerts based on student/peer/staff member activity within the community, delivered via the app.

HokuApps Makes Parent & Student Management Fun and Hassle-free

Parents usually depend on students for any classroom updates such as communication from teachers, homework assignments, upcoming activities, and new policies. This often reduces visibility into vital areas of growth and nurturing especially for young learners. With HokuApps software for both parent & student management, we provide access from any device at any time of day.
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Key Benefits
Effort reduction in work for teachers with automation of attendance reports and student progress.
Reduce the need for unnecessary parent-teacher meets, driven by 360-degree online visibility.
Improvement in communication channels between all stakeholders even outside school hours.
Monitoring of vital academic parameters like attendance and exam scores.
Increased student convenience with digital project submissions and online learning.
Stringent focus on student safety with continuous school transport tracking.

Build Digital University Through an Intelligent Mobility Solution

Managing a school is not an easy task. The sheer magnitude of processes involved can be overwhelming, especially if they are disconnected. HokuApps helps empower teachers, students, and faculty with self-service portals that reduce costs and improves loyalty.
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