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Equip Teachers with Powerful Digital Tools

Aid teachers & admin heads with modular solution suites for communication, data exchange, and records. Cut down operational timelines and free up resources with HokuApps.

Make Conversations More Meaningful by Eliminating the Clutter

Academic ecosystems require stable and cutting-edge infrastructure to function smoothly, support student growth and future progress of the institute. Help teachers guide students better by preemptively addressing operational and managerial complexities. Leverage HokuApps Teachers Management technology to make a genuine difference.

HokuApps is focused on improving teacher experiences with game-changing technology.

Reduce school OPEX and offer teachers synchronized schedules, fastracked payments, and the ability to digitally configure syllabi.
Staff Management
Coordinate workflows, classroom changes, and resource allocation across different departments and campuses.
Faculty & Staff Management
Create & share schedules via collaborative dashboards, executing common tasks digitally.
Syllabus Management
Let teachers communicate on day-on-day student progress and annual objectives, defining & modifying courses.

Discover Critical Time & Cost Advantages with HokuApps

Orchestrating and motivating a massive workforce in the educational sector can be a challenge, especially given limited budgets, tightening regulations, and an increasing focus on positive academic outcomes across the globe. A 360-degree Teachers Management suite can ease workloads, giving your employees, faculty & other staff members, the room to strengthen capabilities.
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Key Benefits
Pan-organizational visibility, streamlining workforce management at all hierarchies.
Customizable syllabus templates with real-time alerts in case of any change.
Minimized effort duplication through synchronized schedules and information exchange.
A unified platform to store all faculty data & financial information, across campuses.
Rapid identifications of available resources to optimize schedules & course delivery.
Manual approaches replaced with scalable digital platforms, improving efficiency.

Build Digital University Through an Intelligent Mobility Solution

Managing a school is not an easy task. The sheer magnitude of processes involved can be overwhelming, especially if they are disconnected. HokuApps helps empower teachers, students, and faculty with self-service portals that reduce costs and improves loyalty.
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