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Speedup HR & Admin Processes

Transform your campus, add new facilities, and make sure every lever is working perfectly. Partner with HokuApps to digitize School HR and Administration.

Fully Utilize Your Human Capital and Accelerate Growth

Today, any typical school ecosystem will involve thousands of students, hundreds of teaching & non-teaching faculty members, as well as multiple classes running simultaneously. To keep this engine running smoothly, you require smart and automated solutions across HR & admin departments. Explore our solutions to save time and efforts.

We offer specialized HR and admin applications for the education sector.

Standard HR tools aren’t configured for school or colleges; we build industry-leading solutions mapped to your unique requirements.
Time & Attendance
Align employee log-in and log-out to your individualized working hours, ensuring annual limits are met.
Payroll Management
Effectively balance wages of temp-staff, substitutes, permanent members & guest teachers.
School Holiday Scheduling
Orchestrate breaks and holidays in-line with annual course and classroom objectives.

Explore Solutions Designed Specifically for Your School

Keeping your educational campus up and running is extremely complex, even without the many HR and admin responsibilities at the backend. Digitizing these processes can give you clear and measurable advantages like reducing staffing needs and operational costs. HokuApps solutions help you disburse salaries on-time, avoid scheduling conflicts, and remain compliant to regional workhour laws.
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Key Benefits
Increased visibility for HR managers via centralized employee monitoring and time logs.
Easily customizable holiday/break schedules with real-time alerts and updates.
Lower effort requirements in the back office, reducing hiring needs and OPEX.
Adherence to pre-determined budgetary norms and resource availability.
Unified governance across multiple departments, addressing possible conflicts.
Better utilization of teachers' time, strengthening focus on student development.

Build Digital University Through an Intelligent Mobility Solution

Managing a school is not an easy task. The sheer magnitude of processes involved can be overwhelming, especially if they are disconnected. HokuApps helps empower teachers, students, and faculty with self-service portals that reduce costs and improves loyalty.
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