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Relieve Burden with Digitized School Operations

Ensure all functionalities are working together smoothly without downtimes or delays. Give your educational infrastructure a reliable next-gen ‘backbone’.

Boost Organizational Impact with Smarter Ops Management

Working across stakeholders, age groups, domain experts, and external regulatory parties, your campus is a layered and complex space. Managing all the operations expertly can put significant pressures on staff. Make multitasking easier with HokuApps solutions, offering integrated tools for admin & accounting managers.

Make your infrastructure go the extra mile with HokuApps solutions for school operations.

We help simplify key ancillary processes before and after learning dissemination, so your teachers are free to redirect attention to students.
Admission Management
Streamline annual/bi-annual/mid-year cycles with fully automated document submissions, assessment, and processing.
Hostel Management
Give your boarding students and non-bodarding students enhanced experiences, improving brand recognition.
Library Management
Move your library to a digital ecosystem with online catalogs, centralized records, and one-click search & retrieval.
Transport Management
Organize your fleet (in-house or 3rd-party) and continually track movement, ensuring student safety.
Fee Management
Process fees faster with online deposits, internal employee tools, and integrations with payment gateways.
Accounting & Finance Management
Achieve zero error records generation and be audit-ready with our compliance-focused educational finance tools.
Campus Security Management
Build UI-friendly apps for continuous campus monitoring in strategic areas, mitigating risk and trespassing threats.

Optimize Your Operations and Achieve Progress Objectives

Modern schools are often buried under reams of paperwork and hours of admin procedures, impacting overall outcomes. HokuApps cutting edge solutions address these challenges empowering your staff members with device-agnostic applications to carry out day-on-day routine workflows. We offer custom-built applications for hostel managers, librarians, security experts, and more.
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Key Benefits
Timeline reduction through faster admission processes regardless of student numbers.
Infrastructure modernization for hostels, libraries, laboratories, and other areas.
Enhanced parent satisfaction with error-free accounts and fees processing.
Lower injury/on-campus hazard rates with constant monitoring & robust security systems.
Enhanced student care outside campus radius with GPS-enabled fleet management.
Improved bottom line through OPEX reduction by automating everyday workflows.

Build Digital University Through an Intelligent Mobility Solution

Managing a school is not an easy task. The sheer magnitude of processes involved can be overwhelming, especially if they are disconnected. HokuApps helps empower teachers, students, and faculty with self-service portals that reduce costs and improves loyalty.
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